2016 Annual Report

Transforming health care in our region.

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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The past few months have been especially exciting for me personally as my husband and I welcomed our newborn son – Marlin, Jr. – into our family. Maternity leave, a robust industry schedule and newly launched internal infrastructure for the PBGH staff delayed our sharing of the organization’s 2016 annual update.

Nonetheless, while 2017 has already witnessed incredible, positive strides forward for the organization, the foundation for its success began in 2016.

PBGH and its employer members lead the region – and the nation – in influencing the next generation of the health care system that delivers quality outcomes while driving efficiency advanced by the business community.

During 2016, PBGH experienced a 12.4 percent growth in membership, including 26 new members – with 18 of those being new employer members. And, sponsorship commitments increased by more than 37 percent since PBGH began offering yearlong sponsorship opportunities in late 2015.

The ongoing strength in membership is testament to the fact that the PBGH team has met with 80 percent of all employer members in 2016 to better understand how the organization can serve the needs of companies across the region.

As employer advocates, we’ve been privileged to represent your interests through increased representation on state-level committees, such as the Health Innovation in Pennsylvania group, and the state’s Quality and Cost Committee.

Earlier in 2016, we helped – on your behalf – achieve more fairness associated with both state and health plan decisions related to the oncology arbitration dispute between Highmark and UPMC, and also provided guidance to the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics at their hearing on Claim-based Databases to share what that kind of model would do for employers, why employers support having a state-based All-Payer Claims Database, and some of the challenges employers face in obtaining access to their data.

We’ve also had the honor of being the voice for employers on national and regional coalitions, including the National Community Cancer Alliance, Primary Care Education Consortium the Weight Management Advisory Group, and National Association of Health Data Organizations.

In fact, for the National Community Cancer Alliance, we are working to address quality, cost and value, as well as seeking processes by which stakeholders can understand this complicated issue for patients and employers. For the Primary Care Medical Consortium, we are helping to shed light on the shortage of primary care physicians and the resulting increased cost to patients and employers; and, for the Weight Management Advisory Group, we are working with companies like Johnson & Johnson to understand courses of treatment and barriers to helping employers and employees address weight loss challenges.

We are pleased to represent our members when duty calls and share perspective only employers can provide to improve health care. As the health care environment continues to undergo rapid and seemingly spectacular change, American families and employers are seeking answers from physicians, hospitals, and health plans, among others.

As employers, you are asserting your influence on driving return on investment, At PBGH, the staff is committed to helping support engaged employers advancing health care. I invite you to spread the good news about PBGH and help share how the organization can truly help the region’s employers usher in a new era of health care.

Jessica Brooks

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With over 90 employer members focused on a passionate commitment to transforming health care and armed to deploy their influence to drive improvements in access, quality and affordability for their employees, PBGH is leading the ideas and services that are reshaping our community’s health care landscape.

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